Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

My Easter was awesome.
We went to church with my family.
I wore one of my new dresses.
Yes, one of.
I bought 2 new dresses yesterday.
Do you love it? 
love it!
I got 'em at Ross.
Anyway, back to Easter.
Church was fantastic.
Watched this fabulous video.
Shed a few tears.
Watched a two year old "hunt" for Easter eggs.
Stuffed my face with ham, potatoes, green beans, deviled eggs, and rolls.
Oh, and avocados...because they were there and I love them!
(But that's okay, because tomorrow I Zumba)
Sprawled out on the couch.
Talked and laughed with my lovely family.
Ate some more.
This time it was strawberry shortcake.
I had mine sans berries.
Not a fan.
Played some games and laughed some more.
My Easter was fabulous.
How was yours?
P.S. The husband and I colored eggs last night. 
They turned out lovely
Well, mine turned out lovely.
Check out the video to see how his eggs turned out.


Wade and Christie said...

Happy Easter!

Sovereign Family said...

hahaha love the video. That is so TJ!! Good and Family is what Easter is about,right? :)

cindy said...

TJ seemed just a little "EVIL" and kinda scary! but thanks for making the fabuloso potatoes for dinner.

Ron and Paula said...

My Easter was fabulous too, thanks for asking! You look cute in your new dress!

The Gunnell Fam said...

cute dress! oh and i don't remember your cousins but they commented. I was just wondering who they were when i read your comment. Too funny!