Friday, March 20, 2009


Since I've had the last two weeks off (woohoo for spring break!), I've been able to watch a lot more TV than usual (TV is an absolute waste of time, but you never called me for a lunch date so it is your fault!).

Anyway, all this media has been bombarding me with Twitter...every time I tune in to any show all they talk about it Twitter.

So I signed up. I'm all about following trends and jumping on bandwagons.
Anyone else on Twitter?

 I feel sad that I have no followers.
Sign up and follow me.
I'll try to say interesting things!


Karen said...

I keep hearing about it, but haven't seen it on tv. Is it like facebook? Do tell!

Jen Olson Brown said...

You're right- it's everywhere. I just opened a Facebook (really behing the trend) last week and will consider Twitter based on my blog/facebook addiction control.