Monday, March 16, 2009

Ostrich Festival

On Saturday, the husband and I headed over to the Chandler Ostrich Festival with my little sister Jessica.
If you've never been to the Ostrich Festival, let me share some of the highlights with you:
(attractive, I know...but this is what you look like when watching a demo. derby)
Demolition Derby: definitely not as great as the one I saw here, but a thrill nonetheless.

Jousting: The blue guy is the good guy, green guy is the bad guy...jousted once, ended up in a sword fight, green guy wins. I have to wonder what kind of lesson we are teaching the children if the bad guy is the one who wins all the time?
And finally, the event du jour...the Ostrich Races! Did you know that people actually get on the back of the ostrich and ride them around the track!? I thought they were joking, but sure enough the three Ostrich Jockeys hopped on and off they were.
The race was tragically cut short when one of the jockeys fell off her ostrich, and ended up with the ostrich landing on her head. For those of you who do not know, ostriches weigh around 400 pounds, so this 110 pound girl was not in a good position. She was apparently knocked unconscious, but when she was taken away by the EMTs she was able to move her arms and wiggle her toes so hopefully she will be okay!
(didn't actually go to the petting zoo...I just wanted to see if the husband was filling to stick his face in the hole...he was)
We also saw a "Thill Show" which was actually pretty enough to keep my attention on the show rather than pictures, I guess, cause I don't have any! But the Fearless Flores were pretty cool. This guy and girl hopped on their motorcycles and entered the "Globe of Death" where they ride their bikes around and around and around, trying not to die.

Overall, the Ostrich Festival was a fun way to spend a Saturday!

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