Monday, September 15, 2008

Things I {LOVE} About Mi Casa

1. The fact that I cannot open this drawer next to my stove without first OPENING the oven. How inconvenient is that? And since there isn't tons of storage space in this kitchen, I need to utilize this drawer. What really sucks in when I need something from this drawer when I'm cooking something in the oven...cause then I have to open the hot oven (and make my kitchen hotter than it already is) and try not to burn myself as I reach over the hot oven to get something out of the drawer. Lame.
2. Did you ever see that episode of Friends where Monica and Rachel have to live in Chandler and Joey's apartment...and they can't figure out what the light switch does? I have plugged a lamp into every single outlet in my house and still cannot figure out what it does! I really hope it controls my neighbors T.V.
3. This monstrosity. Granted, I really do love this because it provides cool air to my hot house...but its ugly and huge. I secretly refer to him as Eddie.

1. Multiple locks. For some reason, having more than just the standard locks on my door makes me feel like I should be paranoid.
2. The awesome security system. Whoever thought of putting a stick in sliding doors and windows was a genious...I have never felt safer.

But I am willing to over look all of these wonderful features because I am only paying $675 for a 2 bedroom apartment in Chandler (and I don't know the actual square footage, but in comparing it to my first apartment I would say that it is arould 900+). AND...I think one or two of the apartments by us are now vacant if you want in on this sweet deal!

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Tyler and Karisa said...

Ummmm.... So your house is awesome! ;) Ha ha! I love the whole reference to the light switch that goes to nothing, because I totally remember that episode! I also love the drawer that you can't open without opening the stove. Whoever thought of that one... didn't think. Wow. I'm trying to organize another GNO... Yay! Oh, and how is school going for you?