Monday, September 15, 2008

Cooking With My Crockpot

Are you ready to be so proud of me?! After a year and a half of collecting dust, my crockpot was actually used this weekend! I found a yummy recipe here and decided to try it out
So I pulled out my crockpot, washed the dust off (cause I wasn't kidding about the dust!)...
...and put all my ingredients in (kinda looks gross...but just wait, it gets better!)
I kept thinking about my crockpot through all 3 hours of church. I was worried that the chicken would still be raw (cause I've had a bad slash funny-now-that-I-think-about-it situation involving feeding my bishop raw chicken), so I was way super excited when I came home and the chicken was perfect. It shredded easily and tasted yummy
...TJ liked it too!

Overall, here are my thoughts on the crockpot:
A. It was awesome that I only had to clean one thing (cause not having a dishwasher is lame)
B. It was awesome that lunch was ready as soon as I walked in the door.
C. It was awesome that I didn't have to stand over the stove, stir anything, or defrost stuff.
In summary, my crockpot is awesome.


Tyler and Karisa said...

Not gonna lie... that sounds so dang good. Did you shred the chicken before you put it in the pot or did it just shred really easily afterwards? I need to get more crockpot recipes. All we ever do is a meat and vegetables boiled w/ seasonings. Fill me in with some good recipes hon! Love you!

cindy said...

Its about time...I know i have personaly given you at least two cook books with crock pot recipes. I love it when your children finally take flight!