Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tutu Fun!

After my LONG week of CSO classes I was excited for a weekend away. My family headed up to the Showlow/Snowlake area for the Pioneer Day celebrations. TJ and I got there late Friday night, so we made sure to cram as much fun into Saturday as we could before heading home on Sunday.

The highlight of the weekend was definitely Taylor (my niece, not the town!). Taylor lives all the way in Kansas and when Lindsey and Mike were back there visiting, they brought her back to AZ with them.

Taylor lived in this tutu all day Saturday! She even ran a race in it!

TJ, Jess, and Summer made sure to study up on the history of Snowflake's founders...Mr. Snow and Mr. Flake.

The parade was oh so much fun. Taylor's didn't care at all about the floats...she was more concerned with the candy they were throwing out! It was so cute when she would bend over to pick a piece up and her tutu would stick straight up!

After all that fun, Taylor was pretty tired. Good thing Papa was around to carry her!

TJ, Jessica, and I headed to Showlow to watch Batman: The Dark Night (which was seriously amazing!). We found these awesome masks that were promoting Space Chimps (which does not look amazing)...but the masks were awesome.

That night was the Showlow Stake bbq and we went cause we like free food...and Taylor likes to bounce.
We also ran into some old friends there. Elder Peacock (left) first served in my parent's ward, then in mine and TJ's ward, and now we are apparently stalking him up north! And Elder Irving (right) was the missionary that baptized TJ's friend Michael Mills. Very cool guys.
Oh, PS...Summer and I also have tutus, but we aren't nearly as cute as Taylor is in her's and we totally chickened out of wearing them in public!


cindy said...

As I remember...Taylor was not the only one snagging candy at the parade! And you totaly should have worn your tutu's.

Aaron & Tami said...

O come on chicken you should have worn them and got lots of pics!! Sounds like fun! Love ya

Brendan, Calli, Taylor and Keaton said...

I MISS MY BABY!! I'm so excited to see you guys in 1 more sleep!

Brenden & Nikki said...

DANG IT! I can't believe we missed it! I wanted to go to Snowflake for the Pioneer celebration stuff (been with Brenden 4 years now and still have not been to it) but we thought it was this coming weekend.

And how cool that Elder Peacock is serving up there! What a small world!!

Sar Bear said...

I totally would have made you wear the tutu if I was there! And you would have too! Remember that time we went to the Mills mall in our slippers...and it was we squished and squeeked all over the mall! Yeah that was AWESOME!