Saturday, July 26, 2008

School Days

School starts in July 28 (AH!). I spent this whole week working like crazy to get my classroom set up and ready for Meet the Teacher Night (which was Friday) and write up my plans for the first week of school. Want to check out my classroom? Keep scrolling down! Welcome to Mrs. Grier's second grade classroom! Thanks to my Mom, my sisters (including Calli who is in town from Kansas!), and TJ my classroom actually looks like a classroom now!
I have 23 students and I am so excited slash nervous slash scared to death to get started! This is Calli and I putting the finishing touches on my room before Meet the Teacher Night.
Word Wall. Isn't it great!?
This is the board where I will display all of their fantastic work. The green board has the 6+1 Writing Traits. The shelves below are their backpack cubbies.These cute little tubs were at the Dollar Tree (LOVE that store). As the kids came in to the class for Meet the Teacher, I let them pick their own seat (but only for the first week of school!) then they put all their books inside their desks.

I love having tons of bulletin board space! I left all the boards blank, for the most part, because I prefer to use them to display student work or content related to what we are learning about.

Student computers and a filing cabinent that is totally empty. If it wasn't for the other FABULOUS second grade teachers I would be totally lost. What exactly did ASU prepare me for?

Standing in the front of my room! Do I look like a teacher yet?

Since we aren't supposed to do a materials list for the students, we do a wish list. We let the parents know what supplies we need for the classroom and if they choose to, they can grant one of my wishes (things like construction paper, expo markers, crayons, etc). At Fulton, we have a large community of wealthier families, but we also have a community of lower income. I was excited to see that all but two of my wishing stars were taken at Meet the Teacher!

So my classroom is ready, my lesson plans are written up, and I bought new clothes for school. As I write this, I am totally panick free...but we'll see what happens Monday morning!


KarynBodell said...

Lisa your classroom is amazing! It looks so good, you are so creative!!! I can't believe you start Monday that is so exciting and good luck! You will do great and the kids will love you!

Brenden & Nikki said...

AAAHH I am so so excited for you!! It just seems like yesterday that you were in your last semester at ASU and we were talking about your plans. I can't believe your first day is actually here. You will do great and I can tell you are going to be the best teacher! The kids will remember you for the rest of their lives. What a cool position to be in. (And I'm secretly jealous that you get to do something with your degree). YAY Mrs. Grier!!

Aaron & Tami said...

Oh Ya it finally time!! You are going to be great and I hope you had a good time on your first day of being a teacher!

Sar Bear said...

Oh look at my Lisa being all grown up and out influencing the young minds of that could be scary...Yay for Lisa!

Tyler and Karisa said...

I second what "Sar Bear" said! Ha ha! jk... Your classroom looks awesome! How exciting to finally be at that point where you are a... grown up. Wait?! Is that right? Ha ha! Love your guts and good luck with school! Please post how your first few days are 'cuz I'm wondering what it's like from this perspective!

Ginny said...

Yay Lisa! That will be sooo awesome t o be teaching! and also a little bit nerve racking! Crazy that we can go to school for just a few years, become _____ (insert any profession) and then be ready to influence people for EVER! You'll be a great teacher! You're going to be the teacher when all the kids look back on and are asked who was their will be you! All the little boys will have a crush on GOOD LUCK!