Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 16=the most important day of our lives

Why? Because that is the day the determines whether TJ will go to law school or be a waiter. After several months of eating, breathing, and sleeping LSAT, it is finally time for TJ to take the LSAT!! TJ has literally been spending between 10-13 hours a day studying for the LSAT, and each Saturday he has been able to take a practice test. It has been exciting to see his scores continually improve each week, but now it is time for the real deal. So unless I have done something to greatly offend you (and even if I have!) please remember TJ on Monday and remember him in your prayers that day.


Brendan, Calli, Taylor and Keaton said...

Good Luck T.J.!!

KarynBodell said...

Good luck T.J., you will do great! We will be thinking about you!

Sar Bear said... what else happened on June 16 that could possibly have been important...? Hmmm Ms. Lisa?