Saturday, January 12, 2008

Meet the newest Grier's

As TJ and I were out running errands today, we decided that today was the day we expanded our family. So we ran into Petsmart and bought two goldfish. Fifi Trixibelle is white with a spot of orange on the top of her head, and Mick Jagger is black with giant eyes bugging out of his head. Fifi and Mick are living in a bowl on my coffee table and they couldn't be happier. Fifi is still adjusting to her new home, but Mick is swimming around like crazy! TJ and I consider these fish to be our starter family...if we can keep our fish alive, we just might be ready for something a little bigger (like, something pink with ten fingers and ten toes...if you know what I mean!)

Fifi Trixibelle
Mick Jagger


Lindsey said...

How long do the fish have to stay alive before TJ will let you renegotiate the baby contract?

secret tattle tale said...

i like mick jagger's name!! and fifi is a cutie! congrats on the children.