Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dave and Buster's = Super Fun!!

This weekend has been so much fun! After our fun bowling/karaoke night with Eric and Emily (see below), we decided to get together again Saturday night. And, our awesome friends Jeff and Atrina came out with us too so it was a fun filled evening. We headed out to Dave and Buster's at the new Tempe Marketplace. It is a restaurant slash game arcade and it was so much fun. We all got tons of "tokens" on our card (everything is so high tech now...) and had a blast playing all the arcade games. There were a couple of games that we were addicted to, including the horse races and the jumprope game!Emily and I even tried our hand at DDR (dance dance revolution for those of you living under a rock!) and I am sure we looked rather foolish! The boys loved the shoot 'em up games and, of course, Madden football. After we used up all our "tokens" we were able to cash in all our tickets. The prize assortment at Dave and Buster's is so much better than Peter Piper Pizza! Jeff and Atrina spent 220 tickets on a Dave and Buster cup; Eric and Emily cashed in over 600 tickets for a giant calculator. TJ decided he would rather save our 406 tickets until we can come back again...the prize he has his eye on (a ginormus TV remote) is 1300 tickets!! But I did not walk away empty handed. There is a giant toy crane at D & B's and, on his first try, TJ won a giant stuffed teddy bear for me! I love being able to get out of the house and do things with if you ever have a free night, give us a call!

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