Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cosmic Bowling and So Much More!

Lately, TJ and I have felt like old, married people...mainly due to the fact that we really don't get out and do much anymore. Sure, we might go out to dinner or catch a movie now and then, but we don't do any fun activities we did while we were dating. So TJ and I actually got out of the house Friday night and were able to hang out with some old friends. We went cosmic bowling with Emily and Eric, old friends of TJ's from his high school days, for Emily's birthday.
We had such a blast...can't you tell by TJ's face!?

Eric taught TJ how to do that cool "spin" thing with the ball, so TJ was able to get better and better as the night went on.

We played 3 games...even though I totally beat TJ in the first game, I only got a picture of the final score. Way to go, hon!

But my favorite part of the evening was after the bowling. There is a karaoke bar inside this particular bowling alley so we of course had to pop in and belt out a few tunes! Emily and I wowed the crowd with our renedition of Goodbye Earl. TJ was responsible for the following video of our singing...he recorded the whole song sideways, so do a couple of neckrolls and get ready to have your socks knocked off!!!

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