Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Conversations with a 2-Year Old


After my recent birthday, Riker is obsessed with when his next birthday is…and ever since I told him that on his next birthday, he will be 3, he thinks that he is already 3. for example:
R: can I have a tootsie roll?
ME: sure, you can have 2 because you are two years old.
r: No I’m not…today I’m three so I can have three tootsie rolls.

After being scolded for jumping off of the kitchen chairs:
R: But I’m a bird, mom…a bird has to fly!

At an event for Kirk Adams, we heard TJ over the speakers, speaking to the crowd:
R: (gasp!) That’s my father! Where are you father!?

While walking around the house in his undies, carrying his laptop, barn full of animals, and flip flops.
R: I’m going to go find dad at work…I need to see him.
Me: Okay, have fun, I love you, be safe!
R: I’m not pretending MOM! Goodbye!

life with a 2 year old is never dull.

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