Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hooray For Fall!

Here in Ohio, there is a lovely season called fall…or autumn…whichever you prefer.

photo (8)

It is during this season that the leaves on the trees change from green to orange…or red…or yellow.

photo (9)

These colorful leaves eventually fall to the ground, where energetic toddlers make sure to stomp and jump and kick every single crunchy leaf.

photo (13)

And, if said energetic toddler is lucky enough to find a stick
the crunchy, colorful leaves will also be poked.

photo (18)

The giant tree outside our front door is almost completely bare
and the grassy area where we love to play is covered with crunchy, colorful leaves.

photo (20)

Riker asks, multiple times a day, to play in the leaves outside.
he will drag his feet through the piles and stomp with all his might to make sure he smashes every one.
We sure do love fall…

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