Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last Fling Before The Ring

My sister Summer is getting married in July.
However, she’s living in Rexburg for the summer
so wedding planning in taking place via telephone and Skype.
Luckily, she was able to come home for a quick visit for our baby sister’s high school graduation.
We took advantage of her weekend home to throw her a bridal shower.

Hot pink and zebra.
These colors pretty much define Summer.
And how awesome is that pom pom background.
I made it myself.
I’m pretty impressive.


In an attempt to be more like my friend Jen,
I made water bottle labels.
Easier than I thought, and such a fun little touch!


My mom made the banner,
’cause she’s crafty like that.


The front entry table.   


Calli, Summer, and Me!
Calli and I worked together to put the shower together.
With tons of help from Mom, of course!
I’m very excited for the wedding and am looking forward to finally meeting her fiancé!

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