Friday, January 7, 2011

Seattle/Spokane 2011

We kicked the New Year off in Seattle visiting TJ’s family.
After going to bed at 9:30pm on New Years Eve
(I know, we party hard!)
we headed to Spokane to meet the rest of TJ’s family.

First up, TJ’s grandparents.
(Riker’s great grandparents!)


Four generations of Grier men.
It will be up to Riker to carry on the Grier name!


Next, TJ’s great grandma
(Riker’s great-great-grandma!)


Nana is turning 100 next month!

We went to dinner with all of TJ’s family.
We were able to meet his aunt, uncle, cousins, and all their kids!


Here is Grandma and Grandpa Grier with all their great grandkids!


After leaving Spokane, we headed back to the Seattle area.
TJ’s dad has a bunch of brand new puppies at his house…
Riker just couldn’t get enough of them!

100_4378 IMG_20101230_143830

And, of course, going to Washington means eating seafood.
This time, I was introduced to crab!


I ate (almost) the whole thing!

It was such a fun trip and we loved getting to meet more family!
Hopefully it won’t be long before we see everyone again!

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