Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2010

We are back in Ohio, which means it is time for me to play catch up on this blog!
I have a million and a half pictures, and way too much to share, so we are going to just hit the highlights.

Let’s start with Christmas Eve, shall we?
My family had our traditional Christmas Eve fiesta.
Lots and lots of yummy Mexican food (Gecko Grill!),
followed by a gingerbread decorating contest,


followed by pajamas from Mrs. Claus,


followed by breaking open the pinata,


followed by snuggling on the couch to watch a movie.


This years movie was Despicable Me.
I may have cried.

Now, moving on to Christmas Day.
Riker woke up at 6am
(because he decided that sleeping while on vacation is overrated)
and soon the whole family was up for presents.


Like I expected, Riker didn’t care about opening any of his gifts.
Once they were opened, he was more than happy to play with his new toys and books!


Christmas lunch was at Grandpa/Grandma Knight’s.
And because we were in the blessed state of Arizona,
it was sunny and 80* that day, so we played outside all day!
 IMG_20101225_140459 IMG_20101225_140559 IMG_20101225_144047

It was so wonderful to be back with our family for Christmas.
You may remember that last year I was great with child and unable to fly home for the holidays.
Christmas is so much better when you spend it with people you love!

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cindy said...

It was great to have you...Christmas is way more fun with little kids!