Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Festival

This weekend, hubs and I (along with some friends) went to the Pumpkin Festival.
Lisa's reasoning: to see a plethora of pumpkins and eat pumpkin flavored foods
TJ's reasoning: his wife didn't give him a choice
Things we saw/did at the Pumpkin Festival:
Align Center
Giant pumpkins with faces carved in them
A giant tower of pumpkins
Random pushups in the middle of the street just to earn a t-shirt
Horrific depiction of Taylor Swift
A memorial pie made in honor of the worlds biggest pumpkin pie...
not the world's biggest pumpkin pie, just a smaller version to memorialize it.

Pumpkin flavored foods that we eat:
*pumpkin donut
*pumpkin burger (basically, a sloppy joe with pumpkin spices mixed in)
*pumpkin fudge
*pumpkin cheesecake

Pumpkin flavored foods that we didn't have room to eat:
*pumpkin chili
*pumpkin pizza (basically, pumpkin pie on a pizza crust)
*pumpkin funnel cake
*pumpkin waffles
*pumpkin seeds
*pumpkin bread
*pumpkin pretzels
*pumpkin ice cream
*this list could go on, but I think you get the point

Fall in Ohio is definitely better than fall in Arizona...
hmm, pumpkins!


Karen said...

I love pumpkin flavored food, sounds like fun!

Wade and Christie said...


Wade and Christie said...

How's your lil pumpkin growing?

cindy said...

in Arizona we had pumpkin rolls...beat that!