Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My favorite day of school has always been the 100th day.
Kinder teachers always make a big deal out of this day.
All the kiddos bring 100 somethings...
100 legos
100 pennies
100 Cheerios
100 marshmallows
and of course there is always to over-zealous mom who sends in 100 cookies or cupcakes that teacher now has to deal with.
At my elementary school, we had to search for Zero Hero.
He left us clues and we had to look all over the school for him.
We found him back in our classroom where he had set up a party just for us.
We played and/or ate our 100 things, colored pictures of the number 100, and counted in our loudest voices all the way to 100.
The day ended by releasing 100 balloons into the sky.
Isn't that frowned upon now? Something to do with killing birds or whatnot?
I looked at my baby ticker over on the side of my blog today.
I saw that magical number.
I have just 100 days left of being pregnant.
100 more days until our family of two because a family of three.
100 more days until I get to meet the little baby that kicks me all day long.
100 more days.
I think I will celebrate the number 100 today.
Maybe I'll eat 100 somethings...


Wade and Christie said...

100 peanut butter m&ms...mmmmmmmmm

Ron and Paula said...

How bout 100 off brand cheeze its?!!!

cindy said...

100 days till you see your mom again --tear-- but I am SO excited!

Derek & Kellyn said...

hey girl! I need your email address. You left a note on my blog, but left out the email. I blame the pregnancy :)

Lisa, Andy, Peyton, and Baxter said...

how fun! :) can't wait for baby boy grier!