Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Thanksgiving is always a special time of year. Not because of the turkey or football or parades (even though I do love me a good turkey day parade!). But all of these are diminished by one very special event that I look forward to all year long. Calli's birthday! That's right, my fabulous sister Calli turned 26 (holy cow!) on November 26. Calli always delayed thinking about Christmas because Thanksgiving is a much more special occasion in her book. As I prepared to do my "26 things I love about Calli" post, I flipped through my pictures to see which ones I could post along with my list. Unfortunately, Calli lives in Missouri (or is it Kansas now?)...Oh yeah, its Kansas now. Anyway, Calli lives in Kansas which is too far away for the pathetic zoom on my camera! I found a few (and some others that Calli would probably HATE me for posting, so I won't). So without futher adieu, here are 26 things I love about Calli (in no particular order):
1. She let me hang out with her in high school.
2. One time we got in a fight (probably about something silly) and Calli bought me colorful daisies to make it up to me.
3. She made us paint our bedroom Princess Pink in high school (if you ever want to know what it feels like to live inside a bottle of Pepto Bismol, just ask!)
4. When we didn't want to sleep at night, we would play games such as "Guess what song I am humming" or "What movie is this line from"
5. And one time, she told me to put my feet up on my headboard and grab the bottom corners of my mattress (oh, ps, we had waterbeds at this time) and lift the corners up as high as I could then let go. It felt like you were surfing or flying or something equally awesome.
6. When she got married I stole a lot of her clothes, so that was cool.
7. She had friends like Tyler and "Gay Gary" who could fit their whole bodies through a hanger.
8. She was always up for a run to Sonic or Bahama Bucks.
9. Remember that infamous Christmas in which everyone (including Mike and Brendan) slept in Summer's room and you made us play "How many syllables does this word have" and "Catch the light from the flashlight as I shine it around the room."
10. You are the mom of 2 1/2 of my favorite nieces/nephews.
11. She never really got too mad at me over the whole "I stuffed a brownie in the couch and didn't say anything when dad blamed it on you and yelled at you and made you cry" thing.
12. She has always been crazy-psycho-overprotective. Even when she KNEW the doors were all locked at night, she would still go around and double check, just to make sure no robbers or rapists could get in.
13. She is oh so creative! She totally got all the creative genes from mom cause I sure got none!
14. She is the funniest person I know. Since she has been gone (in Missouri...or Kansas...) family functions are just never the same. I often think, "This would be funnier if Calli was here."
15. She has an ongoing competition with Mike about everything...even gingerbread houses!
16. She wishes she could be hooked up to a Mountain Dew IV her whole life.
17. She would always tell mom lies about us (like that one time when you said Lindsey had a boyfriend) and mom will believe her and start to get after us, and Calli would just stand in the background laughing.
18. She was always up for a good "lets see what stuff we can stuff through this hole in the wall into Lindsey's room" game.
19. She introduced me to the concept of judging boys by the shoes they wear...such as Troy and the hiking boots!
20. She once asked Karl to "Pass the Peas!"
21. She hosts rando parties for the Olympics, Lost, whatever!
22. She is always willing to do my hair for me (color, cut, anything I want) as long as I tempt her with a Mountain Dew.
23. She will watch musicals and sing along!
24. She is raising a little diva, just like herself!
25. She dated a lot of guys with "J" names, therefore dooming any future relationship anyone in our family could have with a J (which is funny, because Summer is dating a guy named Jay!)
and last but not least...
26. She is coming home for Christmas and I couldn't be more excited!

Happy BDay, Calli. I love you to pieces!


cindy said...

So it was you that stuffed the brownie!!!!!

Summer said...

haha whats even more funny.. is I have only dated guys with names that start with J's, just like calli!

Brendan, Calli, Taylor and Keaton said...

Hello Newman! Thank you for the birthday shout-out... I have to say it definitly made me laugh! I do however want to point out that nowhere in your post did you comment that at your wedding I was 8 months pregnant... hence the super fat face. Just wanted to clear that up. Love ya and can't wait to see you for Christmas!

uniquelynat said...

what a great tribute to a dear sister! very sweet!!! i sure love her too and hope she had a fabulous day today!