Saturday, November 8, 2008

Election '08

Can I just say how glad I am that this election is finally over!? It would have been nice had it ended another way, but I'm looking forward to no more commercials or solicitating phone calls. Most of all, I'm excited to have my husband back! He spent the last several months working on the John Shadegg for Congress campaign which meant long hours and late nights.

The few days preceding the election were crazy for TJ. He spent so many hours working at the campaign office, making sure he did everything he possible could before Tuesday. Monday night, he was able to drive up to Prescott for John McCain's campaign party.

Congressman Shadegg was one of the speakers at the party, so the whole campaign office went up for the event.

Then Tuesday finally rolled around and TJ continued to work hard all day. But Tuesday night it was time to we cleaned ourselves up and headed to the Biltmore in Phoenix. McCain's big Election Night party was at the Biltmore and Congressman Shadegg had his party there too! There was TONS of people and press all over the place...I even saw Jon Voight there (but I was too chicken to ask for a picture with him).
TJ seriously fell asleep as we rode to the Biltmore...that will happen when you have been up for over 24 hours without sleep!
TJ's sad face when the presidential results came in.

But we were still able to party with WINNERS because Congressman Shadegg defeated Bob Lord by over 13% of the votes!

All in all, elections are no fun for the "political widows" but I am much happier now that I can spend more time with my husband.

The end.

P.S. Shout out to all the people who voted for Prop 102 in AZ and Prop 8 in CA!! The results of these two important propositions helped to soften the blow of this.


Summer said...

lisa you look way cute in that picture at the party!! (love the little red bag)

The Gunnell Fam said...

I aggree with Summer! oh and the picture of TJ sleeping on the bus cracks me up!