Sunday, October 26, 2008


So pretty much all of you are probably now even MORE jealous of me because I now have the coolest phone ever. TJ and I picked up the brand new Google G1 phone and are absolutely in love with them. Best way to describe this phone: 

the i phone and a sidekick had a tawdry love affair and the G1 is their love child...and now it is mine!


Summer said...

mom.. if you see this, i want a new phone!!!! either one of those three phones pictured would be fine!

cindy said...

Lisa no longer lives at home where she is dependent upon her parents. She makes her own money. She has a husband, and he said yes. When Summer meets this criteria...she may have a totaly cool phone.

lisa said...

i love that my blog has opened the lines of communication between the two of you.