Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Warmest Season Of The Year (aka Summer)

This is Summer. Last night I went with her to her YW Recognition Night (since her real mom abandoned her!). Can you believe that she won homecoming queen?!?

This is Jessica. She was there too. She didn't want to smile...or make a goofy face.

This is my dad. He didn't know I was taking the picture, or he probably would have chosen to make a different face.

This is Summer strutting her stuff on stage. My camera died immediately after I took this picture, or I would have taken a different one (i.e. a better one).


Anonymous said...
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Lindsey said...

Hooray for Summer!

Anonymous said...

Love the fun faces. You girls are hilarious!

Gabe & Melanie Rojas said...

That was actually me and not Gabe - I'm on his computer!