Thursday, June 6, 2013

Miss Independent

Little miss Olivia is now 18 months old.
And what a feisty 18 month old she is!


Olivia has become extremely independent lately.
She insists on doing everything all by herself.
Mealtime takes forever because she insists on using her own fork, by herself, with no help. And then she gets frustrated because she can’t poke anything with her fork so she starts yelling “HELP” but when you reach for her fork to help her, she gets mad at you.
So much fun.


She also insists on walking all by herself everywhere we go.
She doesn’t even want me to hold her hand most of the time, which doesn’t work for me since she either runs super fast into the middle of the road or walks ridiculously slow.
And most of the time, she refuses to let me help her step up or down on the curb…she wants to do it all by herself but usually she falls on her bum and cries. If only she had let me help her…


Olivia is still completely obsessed with Riker and wants to do whatever he is doing at all times. It was torture for her to sit on the sidelines watching Riker in his swim class, she so desperately wanted to join him! Just like any brother and sister, they don’t always get along…but telling them they can’t play together is probably the worst punishment ever! Olivia even follows Riker into time out (even when he’s in time out for being mean to her!).


This little girl is absolutely the sunshine in our house.
Her goofy grin, her silly laugh, her sweet and snuggly personality…I just want to bottle her up and keep her forever!

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