Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Name Is Lisa and I’m A Choco-holic

It’s true…
I love chocolate.
But not like the fancy, gourmet chocolates.
I like regular-people chocolate…
M&Ms and Kisses (both preferably with almonds!),
Snickers and Kit Kats and Butterfingers.
But if you love something, you will let it go…
or something like that.

One of my “35 Things” is a month of no sweets,
so I am officially declaring February my sweet-free month.
It’s probably the worst month ever to do this, since Valentine’s Day is all about the chocolate and candy.
But since I’m also trying to fit into “those jeans” again, this is the best month for me to take on this challenge.
And it will be a challenge.So I’m counting on all of

you to provide moral support.
Luckily for me, February is the shortest month
(even though leap year is making it a little longer this year).
Now if you will excuse me, today is my last day to enjoy my sweets
so I’m off to empty the candy bowl!


Brendan, Calli, Taylor, Keaton, and Brody said...

I will join you in your February Challenge, so we can be support buddies. I do have one exception, and that is Pineapple Whole Fruit Bars. Bren and I just discovered them and because they only have 70 calories we decided we can have them for our late night treat. Here's to a month of crankiness... I mean goal achieving!

Katie said...

You go, girl! I thought giving up soda was bad, but no sweets would be impossible for me.