Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons…

My baby is officially a lemon.
I don’t mean “a lemon” like he/she is a dud.
I mean “a lemon” like he/she is the size of a lemon.


14 weeks is the first official week of the 2nd trimester.
Which is awesome.
Except for the fact that I still had to take a Zofran this morning.
Isn’t the sickness supposed to end when the 2nd tri begins?

In other related pregnancy news, I feel fat in my swimming suit.
I’ve entered the “is she fat or pregnant” stage,
which is easily hidden with loose tops.
But a spandex swimming suit makes it pretty difficult to hide the belly bulge that is developing.
I’d show you a picture,
but no one needs to see me in a swimming suit.
You can thank me later.


Dawn Davis said...

hope you start feeling better...my "all day sickness" lasted well into my 2nd trimester, so here's happy thoughts your way! My friend joked once that with all the analogies of our babies being compared to the size of fruits/veggies that we should be surprised when a human baby is actually born and not some sort of fruity salad :)

Wade and Christie said...

That stinks you are still sick : ( no fun....and I feel for you with the whole swimsuit thing..no fun either!