Saturday, December 13, 2008


Yesterday, the 2nd graders at Fulton went on a field trip to Rawhide Wild West Town. It was a lot of fun for the kids, especially since we had just finished our unit on Westward Expansion. The kids were able to answer all the questions they were asked on the tour, so it really made their teachers look good! The kids were able to pan for gold, go on burro rides, and ride on a stage coach. But their favorite thing was the gun fight show! The "actors" showed the students how to do fake punches, then they shot each other. Now we just have to keep reminding my boys that they are "trained professionals" and they should not attempt this at home!

Covered wagon (duh)

Here come the gun shots...
And he's hit!

And he's dead (or not).
All in all, my kiddos had a fun time and it was fun to spend a day outside of our classroom.
P.S. only 4 more days of school until my next 2 week break! woohoo!

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