Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What a Good Looking Bunch (of monkeys)

Each month, my mom's side of the family tries to get together for a combined Family Home Evening. Last night most of us were able to get together at my uncle Ron's house. As we sat around talking and catching up, I couldn't help but notice what a good looking bunch we are. See for yourself.... This is TJ's serious face...sexy.

America's Next Top Model?

Jessie is always so happy!

The Master Magician himself!

Yet she still got asked to prom...


cindy said...

You have the best looking family ever. You must just be in a constant state of amazement to be part of such an awesome bunch!!!
signed: secret admirer

Summer said...

that last girl is so hot!

Ron and Paula said...

What no picture of the fabulous looking host and hostess?!!!!