Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Part 1: Ocean Shores, WA


Our vacation started with a car accident (in a rental car!), so we knew it could only get better!
We spent 4th of July weekend in Washington with TJ’s family, including cousins and a great-grandma that we wish we could see more often!


we spent our time enjoying the cooler weather, playing at the beach (too cold to swim but warm enough to build sandcastles!), and spending time with cousins and puppies!

Part 2: lake powell


The lewis family packed up and headed to Lake Powell for a week at the end of July.
I was apprehensive about how my children would do living out of a tent and so close to water for a week, but they did wonderfully!
Playing with cousins, swimming all day, and continually slathering on the sunscreen made for a memorable week!


TJ was able to join us on the weekend and the kids loved having their dad play with them all day every day!

After a summer filled with fun vacations, it was hard to get back into our normal schedules!
We are back into the routine of normal life and life goes on!

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Unknown said...

Love reading your blog and seeing the pics!!!